How Your Money Beliefs Block Your Business Growth

As a kid growing up, money was an “ugly thing”. As in “never enough” and something that you complain about, be secretive about, be jealous of, feel lacking in. Do you recognize any of those thoughts? And do you know why I want to write about it?

The way you grow up around money defines your Money Beliefs

The way you grow up, look at and deal with money makes your current beliefs about money as an adult. You might not be aware of that, but those concepts of money that your parents and the people around you had when you were a child, pretty much make up the blueprint of your Money Beliefs and the way you deal with money in your current life and business.

Is money making you scared?

So, the way people look at money pretty much is one of two things: Love or Fear. Most of the times, that fear wins. Why? Because of what you were told when you were younger. Ever heard of the phrase “filthy rich”, “stinking rich”? There are so many negative sayings on rich people, wealth and money! People who have no money are more often than not jealous of the rich. And therefore they have their opinions ready when it comes to those more fortunate than them.

My own money mistakes

Well, I grew up around very negative and limiting money beliefs. And that impacted my own adult decisions around money. Did you that when I first started my own business in the Translating Industry, that I made loads of money? More than enough for a nice and comfortable life with luxury. But I never knew how to keep my money. Like I had two big holes in my pockets and I spent it all and more. The money just flew out!

At that time I had absolutely no clue about my finances. When I had money I was so eager to spend it all again (as “I deserved a shopping spree”) and then I would end up in debt with no money over and over again. A circle I didn’t know how to get out of.

To make things worse, I even hired an accountant and gave him total control of my finances. I had no clue how I was doing, what tax assessments would come in, what my business was making and how much money I had to put aside for taxes. Ignorant me!!! I had no clue if he’d submitted all my assessments on time. I just lived the carefree “I’ve got money in the bank” life, until one day a sh*t storm hit me.

An enormous tax debt

I didn’t know that my bookkeeper hadn’t done his job properly for the past three years. (I will not mention names, as I’ve forgiven him a long time ago.) So when all tax assessments came in within the timeframe of ONE month, I found myself suddenly in over $33,000 in debt! Holy moly!!! I practically died on the spot!

To cut a long story short: I nearly got myself declared bankrupt! How did I get myself into this asphyxiating situation??? And then I knew: because of my own money beliefs. I believed that I wasn’t worthy of having money, let alone keeping it. And I believed that I was always going to struggle and be afraid of money, like my parents did when I was little.

The lesson that I learned from nearly going bankrupt

You should be in control of your finances. Period. If you don’t know where the money is coming from and where it’s going, then you’re lost and it feels like driving your car with a blindfold on. It’s unsafe for you and your health to let go of your financial overview. You have to PLAN, keep track and KNOW your numbers. In life and in business.

But you also have to be conscious about your own view on money. Because what you focus on grows. If you focus on having not enough money, you’ll never have…. enough money. If you put your attention on having money and growing your money, your money will grow for you. It’s as simple as that.

Flip your beliefs on money and the money will come in

If you keep stating that you don’t believe people will pay you good money for your work, then you’ll keep struggling. Staying afraid of having no clients, and your business will suffer. You’ll have no clients!

Instead, rephrase your mindset and state “I’m worth earning money. I am more than good enough to make my customers extremely happy.” You’ll notice the difference this statement makes in your body, how different it FEELS. Grace yourself with the powerful thought of being positive and feeling worthy of being the amazing person of service that you are.

By doing this you’ll open up your body and mind for receiving money, allowing you to grow and flourish in your personal life and your business. Try it, the only risk you have is that it might actually work. 😉

So, now I’d like to hear from YOU. What are your limiting beliefs around money and business? Please share your thoughts on this below in the comments and feel free to share your experience. I love conversations about this topic. If you want you can always share your money story in the Facebook Group Photographers Coach Crew. Come join me and other photographers there!

Wishing you love and positivity, x Yvonne.

Wealth isn’t about having large possessions, but about having few needs. Epicurus

A rich man without generosity is like a tree that gives neither fruit nor shade.Friedrich Jacobs

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